We offer an athlete monitoring system,
that incorporates a scientific approach
to monitor & design training programs.

Measure Your Data, Treasure Your Victory.

These days lots of data is generated to track performance, injuries and to monitor your athletes. It’s part of a broader evolution in which data and the equipment to track this data are becoming increasingly important. As well as the number and accuracy of different data sources that could be integrated in your system will only increase in the near future.

Up until now management, performance and medical staff weren’t properly equipped to deal with this avalanche of data. Some staff members would devise complicated Excel solutions to analyze the data of the players, but there are many problems arising from this method.

Actual problems


Repetitive Work


Limited Complex Calculations


Time To Analyze


Integrate Multiple Data Sources


Labor-intensive and error-prone process


Limited Flexibility and Customization

How we solve the problem


Scientific approach


Systems based


Multiple Integrations

We Have Devised The Perfect Solution For You.


The platform is completely customised for each organisation, by adding your own way of working.

Data Integration

Open and adaptable data platform that is built to combine player data from different platforms.


Communication platform that can be used for all stakeholders involved within the club, at all levels.

Mix and Match different sources to build the platform you are looking for.

Our solution is a box of building blocks that can ingest all kinds of data and quickly transforms this data into actionable information. All building blocks are scientifically validated and created in cooperation with universities, sport scientists and professional coaches.

We combine all possible data sources from all domains and generate exactly the views that you need to manage your team. In addition, we add intelligence in order to gain new insights that can help you make the right decisions. In other words, Opteamal optimises daily workflow and operations, plus it reduces the time needed. Finally, the platform can also be used to communicate with all stakeholders. 




Heart Rate

Strength and Monitoring

External Data Sources

And more...

Features we already developed to be able to monitor the physical preparedness.


Evaluate the performance of players, drills, training sessions and specific periods in time.


Communicate information with players, staff members and management via any channel.

Power- and testingcenter

Provide a good overview of the evolution that players make in their strength tests.


Inform athletes, staff and management immediately with the result of the practices, the games or the well-being.


Manage the questionnaires sent out to players (RPE, sleep, fatigue, muscle soreness) before and after training.

Injury Prevention

Monitor player loads and receive early warning signals on injury risks.


We make it easy to reach the players by messages.

Medical Part

Maintain a good overview of all injuries in order to gain more insight intho the causes of injuries.

Data Management

Easily manage and monitor player data, copy sessions, manage sessions, detect device errors.

What's in it for you


Time Savings

Integrated Vision on different Perspectives

Communicate with all Stakeholders

Clients Working With Opteamal

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